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Student Support

What to do if you...  
Are unable to come to school Phone or email the office each day you are away
Bring an absence note from home on the day you return to school & give it to your form teacher

Are late to school Bring a note to cover your absence
Sign in at the school office

Are ill at school  Get a note from your teacher, then go to the office and see office staff who will put you in the  sickbay, contact your caregivers and get them to take you home 

Lose something  Go to your teacher and report it as soon as possible
Want to use the telephone  During breaks only - get a note from your teacher
Have an outside appointment during school time  On the day of your appointment bring a note in advance to your form teacher, sign out at the office just before you leave for your appointment and sign in when you return. If possible, try to make appointments outside school hours 

Have an accident  See the nearest teacher to get help 

Have a change of address or phone number 

Tell your form teacher and the office immediately 
Need help with a personal matter  See your form teacher, your dean, or the Guidance Counsellor 
Want stationery, pens, pencils  Go to the stationery shop before school or at interval 
Want to be a library assistant See the Librarian - Mrs Hudson
Want to buy lunch Go to the school canteen when it is open before school, at interval and lunchtime
Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds to buy lunches

Have a health problem Make an appointment at the Health Centre to see a medical professional

Can't wear uniform to school  Wear something as close to school uniform as you can get. Bring a note explaining why you are not able to be in uniform, from you parents/caregivers and give it to your dean so that you can get a uniform pass. 

What you need to do if you need help:

  • A friend
  • A Teacher
  • Your Prefect
  • A Teacher
  • Your Head of year
  • Fill in a help card
Student support:

Our goal is to be a student – centred school with a strong and supportive guidance system for all students.
We aim to be a caring school where students come first.  Because of this approach, we provide a wide range of services and programmes to suit individual needs.

School Council Meets at least once a week and is chaired by the Head students.  An opportunity for leadership and ideas 

Form teachers Responsible for the care of the students in their classes
Deans Are responsible for the guidance, discipline and support of students at each year level 

Guidance Counsellor Available to all students.  Make appointments at the Guidance Office 

Careers Adviser Provides information and advice on vocational matters and care
Resource teacher of Learning & Behaviour

Works with students and their parents 
Adolescent Health Clinic

Make an appointment to see a medical professional