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Internet Agreement

Taipa Area School

Computer and Internet Use Agreement


I understand that:

The only purpose for school computers and other Information Technology resources is to support classroom learning and teaching.

The school will do it’s best to keep me safe while using information systems such as the computer and the internet.

I know that I am not permitted to access material through the Internet which is offensive, dangerous, inappropriate at school, or illegal.

I am forbidden to pass on such material by copying, storing or printing it.

If I use e-mail at school, I am not permitted to send any messages which are offensive, dangerous, inappropriate at school, or illegal.


I understand how important it is to:

Take care of Information Technology resources, such as computers and the internet.

Be careful with the equipment and furniture.

Respect the copyrights on software that prohibit copying.

Use only school software on school computers.


Be considerate of other users

Share available equipment

Be careful not to waste computer resources, eg paper.

Avoid disruption of the running of any computer or network.

Take care not to scan or display graphics, record or play sounds, or type messages which could cause offence to others.

Remove immediately from the screen any material that would not be allowed at the school which I accidentally come across, and tell the teacher immediately.


Be responsible for the privacy and security

I will not give anyone on the Internet information about myself or anyone else – this includes address, phone numbers, photographs or credit card information.

I will tell the teacher if I come across a virus or security problem.


I will never pass on my log-on name and password to other students.



I have read this agreement and know the importance of the school rules for the use of computers and the internet. I know that if I break these rules, I may lose the right to use a school computer, and the school may take other disciplinary action against me, which could include my removal from any course that involves computer use.