Taipa Community Library

In term three 2010 the Community Library was relocated and reopened as part of the school quad. It is an important resource for Taipa students and community. Most classes are rostered into the Library, giving students access to a range of rich learning resources. The library is open to students and their teachers during the day and is available to students most lunchtimes. Community members are welcome to utilize the library during school hours, also available is the internet. The school employs a full-time librarian, Carol Hudson, who has been involved with Taipa for at least 20 years.

The resource collection includes a comprehensive and diverse collection of instructional and recreational material aiming at :
    • support for the school curriculum.
    • support for individual needs, interests, ability & maturity.
    • stimulating learning and literacy.
    • stimulating cultural and ethical standards.
    • supporting the special nature of the Taipa community.
    • providing a link with information services outside the school.
    • not restricting the legitimate interests of students and teachers.
    • providing enjoyment.
    • extending knowledge and appreciation of other cultures & views.