e Learning

e-Learning through FarNet 

Taipa Area School is a member school of FarNet and is offering motivated students an opportunity to pursue their courses of study through e-learning. You may apply to be enrolled in an e-learning course if the course you wish to study is: 
· not currently offered at Taipa Area School 
· clashes with another timetabled class 
· offered through a tertiary organisation 

Students who apply must have a satisfactory record of attendance, meet the entry requirements and have demonstrated very good self management skills. 

For more information on courses available you can view this website: 

For more information about FarNet you can view this website: 

The e-Principal of FarNet is Mrs Carolyn Bennett who can be contacted by: 
Email: Carolyn@farnet.schoolzone.net.nz 

You can also pick up an application form from the Office and arrange to discuss this application with Mr Lee and or Mrs Bennett.