Taipa Area School has students from Year 1 (aged 5 years old) through to Year 13 (aged about 17 or 18 years old). Consequently, a diverse range of subjects are offered at the school based on the New Zealand Curriculum (2007) with a focus on student learning and achievement. Each subject department has its own intranet website with specific information about the teaching and learning within that department. The intranet requires a login account.
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Learning AreaTeaching Staff
Learning AreaTeaching Staff
Careers Mr Lee 
e Learning Mr Lee 
English Mrs Lowe / Ms Andraschko 
Health Mrs Berghan 
Languages Ms Andraschko 
Mathematics Mrs Timmer-Arends 
Middle School Mrs Dormer 
Music Mrs McLeod 
Performing Arts Ms Andraschko 
Physical Education Mr Lowe 
Primary Mrs Foster / Ms Cameron / Mrs Wilkinson 
Science Mr Blucher / Mr Walsh 
Social Science Ms Andraschko / Mrs Berghan 
Taipuna Mrs Tobin 
Technology Mrs O'Carroll / Mr Harris 
Te Reo Maori Mrs Tobin 
Visual Art Mr Atkinson 
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