This term the Board of Trustees has made a decision to explore and investigate different models of curriculum delivery that will better meet the learning needs of all our students. This could mean a complete redesign of how learning and teaching looks. Two meetings have been scheduled to consult with our community about this;

Community Meeting 1 - Wednesday 3 September  6.00pm - What do we want our students to take with them when they leave our gates?

Parent Survey 1

Community Meeting 2 - Tuesday 16 September 6.00pm - So then, what should the learning look like?

Pateriki Toi

Telephone: 09-4060159

School Values

Manaakitanga - Treating people with respect and dignity

Whanaungatanga- Working together to improve learning 

Rangatiratanga- Growing young leaders

Tohungatanga: Excellence - 'doing your best'

Ukaipo: Identity- 'Knowing who you are, where you from and where you are going'

Look Up



Taipa is an RTLB Lead School

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